The Christian interwebs have been filled lately with various people being called heretics. Rob Bell is just the latest, with people calling him a universalist and someone who does not believe in hell.

When I was in my doctoral program at George Fox Seminary, one of my cohort buddies, Dan Kimball, posed a question to the rest of us. He asked, “What defines orthodoxy in Christianity?” This was a very powerful question. As the answers began to flow in, there was a mix of historic Christian confessions and denominational dogma. I’m not even sure we settled the question.

At this moment in history it may be well worth asking and answering that question. How do you define Biblical Christianity? Is it through historic creeds such as the apostle’s creed, the nicene creed, or some other creed? Is it one of several historic confessions? Is it denominational dogma?

If pressed, what would you say are the minimum requirements for orthodoxy within Christianity?

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