It’s thursday, August 24th. Sunday afternoon, I hop on a silver chariot to the land of Oregon. Thankfully, this American bird I’ll be flying on has first class, which enabled me to use some points to obtain a cozy, comfy seat at the front of the plain. Never mind that the birldy chariot must fly through the land of 10 gallon hats. It’s leather seats, real silverware, and plenty of room.

The assignments are almost completed. Most of the books are read. Thankfully, they didn’t all have to be read when the school bell rings monday. In fact, none of them had to be read. However, I took initiative this summer, allowing me to potentially have time to read come this fall, or more certainly have more time to work on the papers that I will surely be producing.

Thankfully, summer is over and the time has come to meet the old G. Fox. Here’s hoping that Len is Sweet and Dan “nimble” Kimball bring out the best in this old man. Rumor has it that part of our time will include people watching in downtown Portland. Sounds like fun!

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