I’ve been talking about income inequality over the last couple of weeks. In a previous post, I noted that many jobs will become automated and no longer needed. At the British paper, The Telegraph, the inventor of the internet – no, not Al Gore, but someone who knows what he’s talking about – Tim Berners-Lee had this to say:

Tim Berners-Lee

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

“Companies,” says web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, “are increasingly going to be run by computers. And computers are getting smarter and we are not.” The only solution, he argues, is for people to embrace new technology, and accept that some jobs will simply disappear.

“It’s been running forever and yes there’s a problem that say, people who run printers that print brochures, for instance, you don’t need that any more,” says Sir Tim, talking about the inexorable move of avertising to online. “Some things are going to completely disappear and obviously more boring jobs go first. As computers get smarter it’s possible that they start to take some of the things we used to find more interesting – creating drugs, for instance, and certainly for now the boring bits of doing your taxes. The important thing is we find ways for people to do the exciting creative fun jobs that never existed before.”

For more of what Berners-Lee says, see this article: Berners-Lee: ‘Computers are getting smarter. We’re not’

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