1. I have no right to critique anyone if I can’t first celebrate him. Celebration comes before critique. There is a musician’s motto: three strokes for each poke. If I can’t say three positive things about somone and lift him/her up with prayer and thanksgiving to God, I have no warrant for complaint.

2. I should not argue with anybody until I can state their‚ position‚ back to them in such a way that they approve.

3. Listen to friends for confidence and courage but listen to enemies for wisdom and information. L.L. Bean uses this formula: there are twenty-five complains for every one you hear. Multiply every criticism you hear by twenty-five. That’s the reality you live under.

4.‚ Recognize‚ it’s my choice: will I spread kudos or kudzu? Kudos are compliments. Kudzu are complaints and criticisms that spread…like kudzu. Kudzu eventually covers everything and chokes the life out of whatever it touches.

Len Sweet, Learn to Dance with SoulSalsa: 17 Surprising Steps for Godly Living in the 21st Century, 108.

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