There are two major cultural issues being debated in the US at this time: homosexual marriage and immigration. Starting next week, I want to begin exploring the issue of homosexuality and homosexual marriage.

My intention is to discuss at least the following topics:

  1. Categories of sexual orientation
  2. The causes of homosexuality
  3. Homosexuality and Darwinism
  4. Cultural history of homosexuality
  5. Homosexuality and the Bible
  6. Homosexuality as sin
  7. Marriage versus Civil Unions

I had hoped to have a blogging discussion with a friend who teaches at a college and promotes homosexuality and bi-sexuality. However, I could not get a response from my friend and so I have decided to simply begin the discussion anyway.

This will not be a detailed, scientific discussion, but one more general in nature. I intend, however, to be thorough when necessary.

I will go on record now and say that I do believe homosexuality is wrong. However, in my posts (and I expect this as well in the comment areas), I will be respectful and take the mentality of an explorer, asking questions and seeking answers.

I have added a comment policy and a privacy policy. Before you comment, please make sure you read them both. Those will be the guidelines I will follow in the comment area.

I hope this spurs honest discussion and that we can engage people respectfully and lovingly.

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