Tuesday Tech Briefing April 12, 2016

Tuesday Tech Briefing April 12, 2016

A new feature of enNovo Radio, Tuesday Tech Briefings will share one or two insights from technology over the past week. In this week’s episode, I look at: The cost to hire someone to hack into someone’s email or social media account. Great for checking in...
Tuesday Tech Briefing April 12, 2016

Apple vs the FBI, and hackers

The San Bernardino killer’s iPhone 5c has been breached by the government. And Apple didn’t help. What are the implications of this? How did they gain access? Was it from hackers or a private company? Also, do hackers have a role in driving technological...
Solving the Income Inequality Problem

Thursday Technology Links

Here’s some technology links that might pique your interest: Light Can Be Converted Into Matter In 1934, two American physicists theorized that if one could make two photons collide, the collision would produce two positron-electron pairs—and thus convert light...

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