The cynical underlying reality is that Facebook does not wish to appear heartless, but does not (yet) have the more subtle manipulative institutions that newspapers and TV stations have developed over decades or even centuries. They clumsily act in a politically correct manner, without proper institutional camouflage, and now they are being called on it. They will refine their bias, and make it subtler and harder to criticize, thereby becoming more like most other media outlets. Ultimately this is more of a social conformity story than a monopoly power dilemma. – Tyler Cowan

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Moments of Obligation

By David Phillips From the folks at Harvard Business Review: People who successfully tackle big social, environmental, and economic problems are driven by what I call a moment of obligation — a specific time in their life when they felt compelled to act. These moments...

Fail Until You Succeed

By David Phillips A great video with Seth Godin on taking risks. He is discussing his book Poke the Box. Some highlights: If I fail more than you do, I win. If you fail, you get to play again, and if you keep playing enough, you will eventually win. Take appropriate...

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