Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

Why do only a few people get to say “I love my job”? It seems unfair that finding fulfillment at work is like winning a lottery; that only a few lucky ones get to feel valued by their organizations, to feel like they belong. Imagine a world where almost everyone wakes up inspired to go […]

2014 Grammy Awards

Why don’t they just sing?

During the Grammy awards, Pink flew through air singing Try, I was asked, “Why don’t people just sing anymore?” I just said that singing is just boring these days. Everything has to be a show. It’s all about entertainment, and people need more than just someone singing. Performance draws people, sells tickets, and keeps eyes […]

Changing Culture Podcast

Past Present and Future: Time and Business

In this video, I introduce a series of episodes on Time, Business, and Change. How we look at the past, present and future of our business, and of culture, can determine where our business ends us. A holistic approach to time allows us to see the big picture, giving us a better perspective on our […]

Stages of Technological Innovation

Stages of technological development

In his book, Futuring: The Exploration of the Future, author Edward Cornish spends time discussing several aspect of trends. In fact, it’s at the heart of his thoughts on futuring. Here’s some of his thoughts on why we need to understand how technological innovation occurs. Joseph P. Martino is technological forecaster. A technology forecaster generally makes forecasts concerning how […]

The Well Played Life

The Well-Played Life

 Len Sweet has penned a new book due out in March, 2014, entitled, The Well-Played Life: Why Pleasing God Doesn’t have to be Hard Work. This Tyndale House publication seeks to help Christians understand that discipleship is not work; it is play. The “well-played life” is one that experiences “the fullness of joy that comes […]