Andy Stanley says:

“We value integrity but we follow clarity.”

“Clarity trumps integrity every time.”

“We follow those who are clear about what the future looks like.”

Is he right? Could this explain why the US has nominated (presumptively, of course) the two most untrustworthy party nominees in American history? Does this explain Adolph Hitler?

A contemporary implementation of public vision is filled with drama and production. It is soundbite tv. It is content for the masses and for time-starved people. And yes, people will forgive someone who expresses a clear, compelling, portable, concise and repeatable vision.

In this episode of enNovo radio, we talk about this. I also define the importance of someone with great credibility and integrity who can communicate a powerful vision that engages the heart of those who hear it.

enNovo Radio
enNovo Radio
Vision or character. Which is more important?

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