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So you have transitioned to a new place of leadership and you want to know how you’re doing. What becomes your scorecard? How do you evaluate your leadership success at your new location.

On this episode of enNovo Radio, we take a look at the scorecard you use to when you go somewhere new. There are 3 items to examine:

1. Communication

2. Credibility (and there are 3 types of credibility when you move to a new leadership environment).

3. Your decision-making.

I talk about each of these and give you a way to develop a scorecard so that you can regularly examine your leadership skills and make adjustments based upon those scores.

If you use the scorecard every couple of months, or at the end of each quarter, you will have a good idea of how you’re doing as a leader, and areas you need to work on. You’ll also build relationships that will help you within the organization.

enNovo Radio
enNovo Radio
The Somewhere New Scorecard

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