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Four things questions expose

Four things questions expose

Always the beautiful answer / who asks a more beautiful question - E. E. Cummings To get to our answers, we must formulate and work through the questions ourselves. Throughout his life Einstein saw curiosity as something “holy,” and American painter Chuck Close notes,...

Abandoning Willow Creek? Try a Dojo!

In a previous post, I reviewed a book by Co-pastors Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken, of Oak Hills Church in California. They had grown their church using the Willow Creek model of ministry, but found that they were seeing people formed into consumers, not followers of...

Abandoning Willow Creek

Several years ago I went through a small crisis. I have been in some type of ministry since I was 19. But the churches I served, be it as a youth pastor, youth & worship pastor, or senior pastor never were big. We didn't turn into large churches or mega-churches....

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