In the pages of To Love and To Cherish From This Day Forward, Dr. Randy Millwood sets out to paint a different picture, a new picture of the Church: a portrait of a Church which is not a building, a business, an institution, a school, or an organization. Rather, a Church who is a person – a Bride – a Bride who adores Her Groom.

The goal of the book is to call Church members and leaders to get off the Church-As-Merry-Go-Round…take a deep breath…and to make the hard decision to look into the mirror and compare our churches to this portrait of a healthy Bride.

Christians are inundated with books and larger-than-life personalities all positioned as experts on God’s will regarding finances. Countering the health-and-wealth attitude are those who abhor any suggestion of financial well-being for a life of poverty, and the middle ground is dominated by financially passive churchgoers with little motivation toward radical giving. The Generous Soul takes a look at money and possessions from the position that the missionary mandate given to all believers extends to the financial blessings at hand, however meager they may be. Explaining that each child of God is a “missionary manager,” author Marty Duren provides a solid biblical foundation for a life of generosity based on the faithfulness of God.