Self driving car

Google’s self-driving cars

The following video is a TED talk delivered in Vancouver, BC in March, 2015 by Chris Urmson, head of Google’s self-driving car program. He talks about where his program is right now, and shares fascinating footage that shows how the car sees the road and makes autonomous decisions about what to do next. Why would […]

The Federal Reserve Jobs

The societal impact of June’s jobs numbers

On Thursday, the Bureau of Labor released it’s jobs report for June, 2015. According to the report, the economy added 223,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.3%. The problem with the jobs report is that, while the unemployment rate dropped, the reason it dropped is that people have stopped trying to find work. […]

Was Charleston a tipping point in the racism discussion?

Ferguson, Missouri. New York. Walter Scott. The racial upheaval resulting from these killings have dominated the news for much of the past nine months. But the Charleston massacre last week may have been a tipping point, ripping a large piece of the scab off the racial wound of this country, exposing the infection that keeps […]

How we cut youth violence in Boston by 79 percent

During the late ’80s, Rev. Jeffrey Brown was watching his neighborhood become overrun with drugs and violence. He decided to listen to the young people in the community — not preach to them — in order to bring about change. He is one of the co-founders of the Boston Ten Point Coalition, a faith-based group that […]

Tyler Cowan on Job Loss

Of the jobs lost during the recession, about 60 percent of them were in what are called “mid-wage” occupations. What about the jobs added since the end of the recession? Seventy-three percent of them have been in lower-wage occupations, defined as $13.52 an hour or less. This general trend, namely more rapid growth in low-paying […]

Henri Nouwen on Prayer

Prayer is standing in the presence of God with the mind in the heart—that is, in the point of our being where there are no divisions or distinctions and where we are totally one within ourselves, with God, and with others and the whole of creation. In the heart of God the Spirit dwells, and […]

Week In Review 1/12/2015

The big new of last week was the terror attacks in France. I’m going to let others provide links for that event. There were some interesting articles that showed up on the interwebs and I wanted to share them with you: Technology: Don’t Fear Artificial Intelligence Kurzweil is the author of five books on artificial […]

Changing Culture Podcast

A Swiftmas Healthcare – Changing Culture Podcast V1 No. 2

I am firing up the Changing Culture podcast again. I’ve determined that I have to be better about blogging, writing, and communicating in the coming year, so I’ve returned to putting together a podcast. In this podcast, I take a look at Taylor Swift’s “Swiftmas” and convert that into a discussion about Random Acts of […]