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Why stories are so compelling

Today, many of the most successful organizations on the planet intentionally use storytelling as a key leadership tool. But why? Storytelling was popular because before writing was developed, the success of communication was measured largely by how much of it was remembered by the audience. But do powerpoints and lectures evoke the same retention? So […]

Why hate the Koch Brothers?

Charles Koch is an American businessman, political donor and philanthropist. He is co-owner, chairman of the board, and chief executive officer of Koch Industries. And he’s hated by the political Left. The question is, “Why?” Freakonomics Radio sought to understand Mr. Koch, his views, and beliefs to understand why he is vilified by the likes […]

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Podcast: Issues in leadership, part 1

In this week’s enNovo Radio podcast, I get to talk with Christy Geiger, who is a coach and owner of Synergy Strategies. Christy is a business and life coach, working largely with executives and IBO’s to save time, energy and money while they build their organizations and businesses. Her background in counseling & human resources, […]


The great ones walk with a limp

In 1989, I tore my ACL playing football. The doctor at the time told me that since I wasn’t going to play professional football, it didn’t need to be fixed. So I did a little rehab and went on my way. A few months later, I was walking down a hallway, and someone who hadn’t […]

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Leaders help others achieve their goals

In an interview with Sherri Paules, CEO of Healthcare National Marketing, she noted that one of the ways she empowers her employees is to ask them every year how she can help them achieve their goals. I talk about this, along with some questions leaders should ask from leadership coach Stefani Yorges, Ph.D. found here: […]

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Podcast – Communication and Ideological Change

Systems theory helps the world understand the interactive relationships that exist in many domains of life and events that occur throughout the universe. Kenneth Burke’s theories on ideology explore how, through communication, people develop interactive relationships that create a common framework through which life is interpreted. It is only logical to explore how systems theory can reveal the implications of communication in an interconnected world.