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Podcast: Issues in leadership, part 1

In this week’s enNovo Radio podcast, I get to talk with Christy Geiger, who is a coach and owner of Synergy Strategies. Christy is a business and life coach, working largely with executives and IBO’s to save time, energy and money while they build their organizations and businesses. Her background in counseling & human resources, […]


The great ones walk with a limp

In 1989, I tore my ACL playing football. The doctor at the time told me that since I wasn’t going to play professional football, it didn’t need to be fixed. So I did a little rehab and went on my way. A few months later, I was walking down a hallway, and someone who hadn’t […]

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Leaders help others achieve their goals

In an interview with Sherri Paules, CEO of Healthcare National Marketing, she noted that one of the ways she empowers her employees is to ask them every year how she can help them achieve their goals. I talk about this, along with some questions leaders should ask from leadership coach Stefani Yorges, Ph.D. found here: […]

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Podcast – Communication and Ideological Change

Systems theory helps the world understand the interactive relationships that exist in many domains of life and events that occur throughout the universe. Kenneth Burke’s theories on ideology explore how, through communication, people develop interactive relationships that create a common framework through which life is interpreted. It is only logical to explore how systems theory can reveal the implications of communication in an interconnected world.

Leading Transition at the University of North Alabama

Mark Linder is a friend of mine from high school. Today, he is the athletic director at the University of North Alabama in Florence, AL. UNA has a great reputation in athletics on the Division II level, but have been trying to move up to Division I since the NCAA lifted the moratorium on transferring […]

Secret to Success – Tim Kight

The "secret" to success isn't a secret.Success is the result of discipline-driven action repeated over time. — Tim Kight (@TimothyKight) January 26, 2017

Creativity in a cup

Reenergizing creativity

Creativity can be fickle. It can come and go. It’s like a muscle in that it has to be used and stressed. So with stress and work and adaptation, creativity can ebb and flow in a healthy way. But creativity ruts happen and getting out can seem difficult and frustrating. I’ve lived this more that I have […]

Nudge Theory

Nudge Theory and a Quicken Loans update

Nudge Theory: ‘any aspect of the choice architecture that alters people’s behaviour in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives’ (Thaler and Sunstein, 2008: 6) Public policy has often relied on assumptions of rationality when accounting for human behavior, which has led to suboptimal policies in the past. For example, […]