Hello! Thanks for dropping by!

My name is David Phillips. Let me introduce myself.

I have driven successful and profitable IT and business operations by designing, building, and deploying systems and/or processes. I have developed projects for Microsoft, Holland & Knight law firm, RSM McGladrey, and the National Retail Federation among others.

I am a transitional leader, successfully guiding organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, through change processes, structures and systems.

I excel at bringing together the perfect combinations of talent to create effective teams. I help release the best contributions from others. I seek frequent, highly energetic interactions and love to connect with diverse groups of people on a variety of initiatives. I am also a catalyst for new ways of thinking.

Here’s how I see the world:

  • When I look at the world, I see beneath the surface, to the patterns underneath. I am intrigued by patterns.
  • I think in terms of possibilities.
  • I am a multiplier, always trying to put two things together to make something bigger and better than it is now.
  • My chief impact is through my sense of what could be.
  • I create cultural change as I bring people together in order to get something done.
  • I am a researcher, spending time exploring new concepts and ideas and how they can add value to what I already know.

I am an articulate communicator and active listener with ability to collaborate with internal/external customers and third party vendors to understand big picture and transform into change opportunities and actionable tasks.

I have a doctoral degree in leadership. That work focused on the integration of multiple disciplines to develop a process for holistic behavioral change.

I’ve also worked toward a graduate degree in Communications, focusing on image, signs and story in organizational change. I will integrate that with Systems Theory, Mass Communication Theory, and Social Theory.

But beyond all that, I’m a college football fan, love to watch The Big Bang Theory, and The Voice. I love to cook, to write, and am an amateur photographer.

If I can help you in any way, whether it’s coaching, transitioning an organization, or doing research, please contact me!

I look forward to hearing from you…