The power of consistency in leadership

In November 2018, I did a podcast on the need for consistency in leadership. I wanted to expand a little on that idea by putting together a post on the topic as well. I wanted... Read More

EnNovo Radio – The Last 30

The last few weeks of the year offer a time to examine the events of the previous year and begin planning for the next. In this episode of enNovo Radio, David Phillips looks at 5... Read More

Consistency Is Key for Leaders

We live in a faster, more innovative, quicker-to-judge, and less predictable world than ever before. Providing employees and stakeholders with a consistent leadership style results in a level of comfort and certainty. Team members know... Read More

5 Practices that will make you a better leader

Tom Peters talks about Management by Walking Around (MBWA). In this episode of enNovo Radio, we talk about Leadership by Walking Around (LBWA) and 5 practices you can engage in while doing this that will... Read More

Pop the Bubble

There is a danger for us to live in a bubble, only listening to voices that only reinforce what we already know and believe. There is danger in doing that, both from a leadership perspective... Read More
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