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enNovo Radio: Efficiency or Resilience

PodcastsIn this edition of the enNovo Radio podcast, I look at the research by Roger Martin, director of the Martin Prosperity Institute which is found in the 2019 Jan/Feb edition of Harvard Business Review. The... Read More

evNovo Radio: SurveyMonkey and Curiosity

There is a really good article in January-February 2019 issue of Harvard Business Review entitled: SurveyMonkey’s CEO on Creating a Culture of Curiosity. In the, the CEO of SurveyMonkey, Zander Lurie, describes the work done... Read More

Contextual Leadership-enNovo Radio

On this edition of enNovo Radio, we look at contextual leadership. Contextual leadership, an idea developed by Nitin Nohria and Tony Mayo, shifts the focus from the individual characteristics of leaders to the relationship between leaders... Read More

The power of consistency in leadership

In November 2018, I did a podcast on the need for consistency in leadership. I wanted to expand a little on that idea by putting together a post on the topic as well. I wanted... Read More

EnNovo Radio – The Last 30

The last few weeks of the year offer a time to examine the events of the previous year and begin planning for the next. In this episode of enNovo Radio, David Phillips looks at 5... Read More
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